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    Health And Fitness Listings
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    Optimagenics Age Management Medicine Website : Refer : Review It
    We are closely guided by Dr Sylvia Ramirez, a specialist in Age Management Medicine who has been certified by the Foundation of Care Management and holds certification in Age Management Medicine from CERF and AMMERF. Our focus is to increase the quality of life for seniors and those who would otherwise be subjected to the gravity of age. We balance the nutritional developments of seniors at different ages and match that to our research while prescribing highly accurate exercise regiments and hormone optimization strategies. Together our program creates a formidable response to nutrition deficiencies in the aging population who seek our services, as well as mood management and irritability alleviation. The philosophy behind Optimagenics is to stave off the degradation of quality of life with advanced research and study. The body of work that supports our strategy is immense and we put it to good use by helping our patient’s life their life with higher expectation of themselves and better appreciation for the quality of life that our program opens them up to.

    Updated: 15/11/2014

    how to lose weight Website : Refer : Review It
    Momentum lab sport fitness programs will help to maintain weight, stamina and fitness. Momentum provides physical therapy exercises to help recovery process of specified injuries and reduce the chances of re-injury. Momentum lab provide fitness training, personal trainer, exercise for back pain, pilates classes Physical therapy etc. it is like fitness gym where you can do all fitness exercise.

    Updated: 21/08/2014

    Thailand healthy food and beauty organic Website : Refer : Review It Thailand products agency service and supermarket online Supply healthy products shopping. healthy food, beverage drinks, herbal tea, thai food ingredients. and spas botanical organic beauty products. bamboo lighting designed etc. Thailand blog and free seo directories listed. location thailand, se asia.

    Updated: 10/08/2014

    Dr. Cathy Tsang-Feign, Psychologist in Hong Kong Website : Refer : Review It
    Hong Kong Psychologist Dr. Cathy Tsang-Feign is an international expert in the field of expatriate psychology and adjustment, based on over 25 years of experience working with international executives and diplomats and their families in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. She provides English-speaking psychological counseling and relocation consulting to the international expatriate community from her office in Hong Kong's Central business district. Licensed in the USA, she practiced in London's Harley Street before relocating to Hong Kong. She is the author of the expatriate psychology manual Living Abroad.

    Updated: 01/08/2014

    Mind Wellness Website : Refer : Review It
    Stress management with the help of hypnosis might sound a little weird, but is highly effective. With the experts working at Mind Wellness you can be sure of getting the best results for stress and weight management as well as other issues related to your health in Singapore. With the motto of relax, release and renew these experts have helped numerous individuals to get a better life. So, if you are looking to give your life a boost, then Mind Wellness is a place that can help.

    Updated: 22/05/2014

    Buy Tadacip Pills Online Website : Refer : Review It
    Buy Tadalafil Pills Online - is offering you to buy Tadacip 20mg, Generic Tadacip online, Cheap Generic Tadacip and many more at reasonable prices.

    Updated: 03/05/2014

    Online Pharmacy Store USA Website : Refer : Review It
    RxlChemist is an online pharmacy store, provides prescription drugs & non-prescription drugs like men’s health pills, muscle relaxant pills, antibiotic pills, pain relief pills, asthma tablets etc. our organization offer 10% off on reorders, added to that, we give 20% bonus pills as well.

    Updated: 28/04/2014

    Instant Ice Tea Exporters Website : Refer : Review It
    Activia Nutrition is engaged in exporting & supplying of instant ice tea based in Malaysia. our instant iced tea is easy to prepare and gives a refreshing treat to the taste buds & available in market leading prices.

    Updated: 25/04/2014

    Online Pharmacy Stores In India Website : Refer : Review It
    Allgenericmedicine is an online pharmacy store in India, provides prescription drugs & non-prescription drugs like fertomid 50mg, tamoxifen 20mg, antibiotics medicine, digestive system medicine, tadalafil 20 mg etc available in affordable prices.

    Updated: 24/04/2014

    Dental Clinic Singapore Website : Refer : Review It
    Doc Doc provide a free service that enables patients to find a nearby doctor or dentist, to credibly research and understand their clinical interests and specialties, assess their academic credentials and achievements, and instantly book an appointment via any internet-connected device.

    Updated: 10/04/2014

    Vitaheat - Singapore Home Sauna Website : Refer : Review It
    Vitaheat is a trusted Singapore brand, providing home saunas all over the city.

    Updated: 28/01/2014

    Royal Tantra Massage Website : Refer : Review It
    Royal Tantra Massage Singapore offers the best authentic outcall sensual massage service in Singapore. Other service includes tantra massage, erotic massage, sensual massage, lingam massage, Singapore massage, erotic massage singapore, etc

    Updated: 09/07/2013

    Alpha Chiropractic Website : Refer : Review It
    We are Australian based chiropractors having our own facility in Singapore. We specialize in treating the disorders of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on our general health. At Alpha-Chiropractic, we strive to make chiropractic a solution for your neurological problems. We do not use oral medicines; we believe that the human body is a “self regulating healing system, if we ensure proper care and maintenance”. At Alpha-Chiropractic, we provide complete chiropractic care to our patients through right nutrition, exercise and rehabilitation. Our doctors, Dr. Gerry Toh Yewsheng and Dr.Mark Enriquez specialize in the functional restoration of the spine, by treating the affected areas. Both of our doctors have received the Master of Chiropractic degree from Macquarie University, Sydney and practiced in many clinics, before they teamed up to form Alpha-Chiropractic in Singapore. Dr. Mark has experience in treating sports injuries, recovery and rehabilitation. His treatment has benefitted many athletes and other sportspersons.

    Updated: 22/03/2013

    Pilates Flow @2nd Website : Refer : Review It
    At Pilates Flow, we practice the True Pilates method. Our philosophy and mission is to maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original work in its purest form, to teach others the way he would have taught them himself. The True Pilates method is different because it refers to the system of exercises that were originally developed and taught by Joseph Pilates, whose unique training regimen has proven itself for more than 80 years as a successful and safe method of exercise.

    Updated: 13/02/2013

    Barber Scissors-Barber Thinning Shears-Barber Hairdressing Scissors Website : Refer : Review It
    Unify Industry provides excellent range of Barber scissors, pet grooming shears, Thinning scissors, Manicure pedicure sets, Scissors cases and holsters, convex edge shears, dog grooming scissors, left handed scissors, embroidery scissors & Scissors accessories. Our innovative Hairdressing shears are designed for cutting performance and comfort. The convex blades allow for clean cuts with superb precision. As part of our extensive collection of Professional hair stylist Scissors, we are offering a great new range of Dress making scissors, utility scissor, along with Fishing scissors, Tweezers and nail care instruments. We have tried to make available a range of cutting scissors to meet all your needs, whether you require an entry level scissor or a more advanced haircutting scissor. Prolong the precision of cutting edges and performance of shears with our enormous selection of Shears Holster, We are producing Leather cases for multiple barber shears and Leather holster for individual hairdressing scissors. Keep your scissors in best functionality with quality scissor safety cases. UNIFY INDUSTRY is equipped with a highly professional staff who posses high technical abilities to overcome all & every details for a perfect product outcome.

    Updated: 17/01/2013

    Health And Fitness Listings
    Total:  269Displaying: 31 - 45Pages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >> >>>>
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